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  • When we use Remington actions, first we true the action. Threads, lugs and bolt face are all trued and aligned with the chamber.

  • Match Grade barrels are fitted to the Action.

  • Chambers are cut to Bench Rest tolerances.

  • The barrels are cut to length depending on caliber and application, then they are give a recessed target crown.

  • Metal parts are cleaned and bead blasted, then finished with Cerrakote (Black, Olive, Tactical Gray or Tan).

  • Now the Barreled Actions are glass bedded (with Marine Tex) in a H-S Precision Stock. H-S Precision stocks come with aluminum bedding. If a McMillan stock is preferred, it must be pillar bedded.

  • Triggers are now installed and adjusted to your application or preference.

  • All screws, bolts and fasteners are checked and torqued for proper fit and function.


  • Last but not least...All of our rifles are inspected for function and test fired for accuracy...1/2" M.O.A. at 100 yards.

Why buy a Custom Rifle if it does not function and shoot like one?


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